Our Vision

Improving lives and places through quality procurement solutions

Our Mission

We improve lives and places through:
The impact of our products and services
The social value generated through our community benefit funding and activities

Our Values

How we operate at LHC is shaped by our values

Operate Ethically

We strive to be ethical in the way we work with our internal colleagues and external stakeholders. This means we strive to demonstrate fair and acceptable behaviour and a strong work ethic.

Model of Integrity

Through honesty, transparency and commitment to our promises, we want to be a model of integrity to all our stakeholders.

Drive Sustainability

We want to be a model of sustainable business through our own commitment to a more sustainable world, and our influence in the market towards carbon neutrality, equality, diversity and inclusion, and energy efficiency.

Demonstrate Excellence

We aim to demonstrate excellence both in the unmistakable quality of our products and the professionalism of our staff.

Value Innovation

We strive to innovate and embrace new technologies to continually improve our products and services.

Our Heritage

LHC was established by London Boroughs in 1966 and now has offices and field based staff throughout England, Wales and Scotland. More than 700 public organisations have used our frameworks.

Our clients and suppliers trust in our knowledge and experience, technical expertise, commitment to better homes and buildings and fast and efficient procurement which delivers financial gains.

Top 5 reasons to choose LHC


50+ years of procurement experience

Our organisation began half a century ago and over five decades we’ve developed and shaped our service to meet the evolving needs of our clients.


Trusted technical expertise embedded in our free to use frameworks

Our technical expertise is built on continuous research by our team of technical specialists who consult with clients, on the outcomes they need and suppliers, on the range of available solutions.


Communities are enhanced with better building and homes

Our ultimate goal is helping our clients deliver better environments for the communities they serve. We support this goal through our frameworks, that address every aspect of quality, and through our selection of the most appropriate suppliers.


Fast and efficient procurement

Once LHC Appointed Companies have been established for a framework, the process of calling-off projects and commissioning work is very efficient. Terms and rates have been agreed and even when a mini competition is required, the majority of contractual arrangements have already been finalised. Project work can then start quickly.


Financial gains for clients, suppliers and communities

Working with LHC frameworks gives suppliers access to construction, refurbishment and maintenance projects of £350m each financial year. Clients who spend more than £200,000 on two or more frameworks in a year, will benefit from a share in the LHC operating surplus we return to Members, which in 2019/20 was over £1.3m.

Facts and figures

19 frameworks (1 DPS)

1019 projects

£463 million projects value

Working at LHC

Interested in joining the team? The people at LHC all share something in common. Incredible talent and drive. LHC's purpose is to deliver better buildings and homes that enhance local communities. We do this by hiring the best talent and by encouraging innovation.

Work with us

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