RetroFIT FOR a net zero FUTURE and help transform ideas into reality!

At LHC we over 30 years of experience delivering energy efficient and retrofit solutions to the public sector and as we enter the final stages of development of our latest net zero framework (N9) Retrofit and Decarbonisation, we are ready to support the government’s ambitious plan to turn the UK into a zero-carbon nation by 2050.

Through our extensive market engagement what is clear is the need for continued engagement and collaboration to meet the challenge of retrofitting at scale. I am delighted to share with you that our upcoming event  - ‘RetroFIT FOR a net zero FUTURE’ is getting an enthusiastic reception from industry leaders and experts and we look forward to welcoming you all on the 28th of February at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham.

The need for a discussion

Retrofitting the UK’s built environment calls for urgent action. Research conducted by UK Green Building Council shows that approximately 29 million homes in the UK will need retrofitting to achieve the net zero target by 2050. But is the sector prepared for this challenge? There is a real need for this discussion that encouraged us to organise an event of this magnitude.

It will be a significant moment as we embrace the challenges facing the sector in decarbonising the UK's existing built environment and lay the foundations for a Net zero future. We will also be discussing the role of our upcoming Retrofit and Decarbonisation Framework (N9) framework, developed following extensive market engagement and research and designed to help public sector organisations overcome these challenges. 

Learn from our Line-up of Industry Visionaries

At the event, you will have an opportunity to learn from Industry leaders and experts who will be joining us to share their experiences and discuss the challenges and opportunities in delivering retrofit and decarbonisation programmes at scale. Take a look at the line-up below:


  • Vaillant will be sharing their unique perspective on the latest innovations in energy-efficient technologies and the role of renewable energy sources in delivering net zero. 


  • VINCI Facilities will share their perspective on our journey towards a net zero, the creation of a greener built environment, changing behaviours, use of innovative technology and retrofit in delivering a net zero future. 


  • ECD Architects are specialists in the design of low energy, low environmental impact buildings and will be sharing their perspective on the role of retrofit in decarbonising existing buildings in delivering NET ZERO. 


  • Build Test Solutions is a technology business dedicated to driving innovation in building performance measurement and will be sharing its insights on the role of measurement and data in retrofit projects in the drive for a NET ZERO future. 


  • Warmworks will be sharing their unique insights in the end-to-end installation and quality inspection of heating, insulation, and energy efficiency improvements in homes as a key part of our shared drive to reduce carbon emissions and the transition to a net zero future.


  • LHC Procurement Group: LHC will be making multiple contributions on the day with an update on the role of market engagement, and the role of education in addressing the retrofit knowledge and skills gaps.


Our upcoming Retrofit and Decarbonisation Framework (N9)

Designed to support the public sector in its journey to net zero, the N9 framework will deliver a range of energy efficiency and decarbonisation works, and energy efficiency consultancy services. 

N9 will help improve asset and stock ratings using a range of specialist energy efficiency measures and works, such as solar PV and heat pumps, as well as combined solutions meeting PAS 2035 requirements for whole house retrofit. The tender for this framework is due to for release in spring 2024. 

Over the last 6 months we conducted extensive pre-tender engagement sessions across the UK and were delighted to get a significant response form across the sector. We are now in the final stages of design and development of the replacement to the current iteration of our energy efficiency framework. The fantastic feedback and levels of engagement that we saw from the market enable us to have a good understanding of the challenges facing the sector in decarbonising the UK's existing built environment. We are now in the final stages of developing a comprehensive and flexible solution and to help our clients address this, we would encourage your further support and participation.


Spaces are filling fast!

Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to help us shape the future of the Retrofit industry in achieving the government’s unambiguous goal of net zero by 2050! Register NOW for the event for Free and join us in transforming ideas into reality!

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