What is MMC?

The MMC definition framework provides a new regularised terminology for ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ used in homebuilding.
Emanating from the UK government, MMC gives social housing providers and their homebuilding partners a common language that will aid collaboration and further adoption of pre-manufacturing, site based materials and process innovations.

LHC wants to help social housing providers in every part of the UK to deliver more homes, much faster and with a lower environmental impact.
LHC’s NH2 and MB2 Frameworks cover categories 1 and 2 of the MMC definition framework.

Get to know the seven categories



(3D primary structural systems)



(2D primary structural systems)


Pre-manufacturing components

(non-stylised primary structure)


Additive manufacturing

(structural and non-structural)



(non traditional assemblies & sub-assemblies)

Offsite and near site pre-manufacturing


Traditional building product led site labour reduction / productivity improvements


Site process led site labour reduction / productivity / assurance improvements

Site based process improvement

Explore our 3 offsite frameworks

We are delivering new homes with our NH2/OPI1 frameworks and non-residential buildings with our MB2 framework.

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Discover MB2

Discover OPI1

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Mitigate the risks of MMC

In consultation with social housing providers and LHC Appointed Companies we've established the key concerns organisations have about adopting Modern Methods of Construction and developed advice on how to mitigate the risks. These insights are captured in our Mitigating the risks of MMC, written for Board members and decision makers.

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